Communicating Without Words: My Love for Animals

There is nothing quite like that special connection we have with animals, where we can communicate without words.
Perhaps my Scottish heritage led me to value this specific, deep kind of connection with horses and dogs. I’ve been riding horses my whole life, and have a special place in my heart for my Border Collie and Jack Russell Terrier. There is so much to appreciate about animals! The elegance, beauty, and healing power of horses. The characters behind the eyes, ears, whiskers, expressions of dogs, a “man’s best friend.”
I love capturing the deep, unspoken bond between a family and their animals.
Capturing elegant photography and creating a fun, enjoyable experience at the photography session itself is an art. When you add animals to the mix, the need for artistry and great communication increases.
Not only have I had an intuitive bond with animals my whole life, I spent 18 years as a teacher. During that time I worked with a diverse background of children of all ages, including children with intense emotional and mental challenges.
When you commission a Kennedy Fine Portrait of your family and/or animals, you are hiring a communication expert, in addition to a masterful photographer. Like an orchestra conductor, I will direct the session to capture your family and/or animal’s most beautiful song, and the experience itself will be one to remember. My team will support us in ensuring the session runs smoothly, and produces beautiful results.
Family & Animal Photography as Fine Art – 
At Kennedy Photography, your photography session transforms into Fine Art. 
How? By considering every detail and delivering the highest quality result. 
Every element is considered from composition, lighting, and posing to mounting, retouching, and finishing. High-end framing and choices about the kind of framing and other elements that fit the unique piece of art, and your home, where your art will be showcased. We take everything into consideration.
“Is it photography or is it a painting?” is something people often say about the Fine Art produced at Kennedy Photography.
Though it is a photograph, what you walk away with is a portrait that captures the elegance of a painting with the truth and beauty of your family’s love for animals, and each other. A true masterpiece.
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Susan makes it fun and does a great job.

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